Maximize Your Sales with Accurate Inventory Predictions!

Skupredict fuels your Ecommerce growth with AI-driven blockchain-powered forecasts, using machine learning algorithms!


Problems that affect your business performance

logoExperiencing out of stock losses
logoDealing with non-performing SKUs inventory
logoFailing to achieve revenue targets

Exactly what you need for your e-commerce business

Skupredict provides proper forecasting to accurately predict consumer demand. The factors such as seasonality, pricing, promotions, weather, events, etc have a significant impact on the daily demand trends.

This AI tool helps you respond rapidly to any changes in your supply chain  and avoid stock-out losses and wastage of stock while helping to meet revenue targets. Skupredict can streamline operations and help ensure that your inventory is managed optimally.

We help businesses anticipate and prepare for changes in demand and supply, minimize waste, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.


Benefits you can experience with our Prediction Tool

These are some of the reasons why you should use our platform in managing business needs


Predictions are Highly Accurate

AI-driven skupredict can precisely establish your exact demand for a given time, taking into account various external factors such as holidays, weather, and fashion.


Enhancing Predictive Modeling

The platform utilizes past operational data and real-time insights to enhance its predictive modeling and give you better results.


Optimizing Fulfillment with Reports

Reports can optimize fulfillment operations and drive revenue growth.


Streamlining the Customer Journey

Customer journey analytics and powerful automation capabilities save time and resources and give data visualizations to better understand their customers demands.


Forecast with AI, ML & Blockchain Technologies

We provide advanced technologies to help maximize the value of your data. Our system incorporates AI/ML and blockchain, for decentralization, transparency, and immutability.

You can trust us to keep full ownership of your data while taking every precaution to protect it.

Start Forecasting with Skupredict

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